fredag den 27. april 2012

Ben Rogers, Jack Sterling, Josh Ford and Martin Lee

Factory Fuckers. Naked girls and straight-pin magazines adorn the walls of this straight man's factory - but the weekend staff have a secret. They are men who love gay cock! German sex pig, Josh Ford has his work overalls ripped off by skin-head fucker, Jack Sterling (who you wouldn't - or would rather - want to meet in an alley on a dark night). He is joined by Ben Rogers and Martin Lee who glow "straight man". Wet, hot cocks are sucked in a frenzy and with real attitude as the factory boys squirm over each bodies greedy for a taste of man-hood. Josh gets his check prized open by one as the other dives in with delight and a good fingering on top get that sphincter at ease. There's a queue to fuck this lad and they all get a good poke - watch for the great facial cum shots between them as the fucking pounds on regardless.


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