lørdag den 24. december 2011

Collection of blue collar worker 071 - assorted 263

Worker from real life in blue overalls - 28 photos

mechanics - video captures 119 photos


Blue Collar Workers - 66 pics


tirsdag den 13. december 2011

NN - BCW - Baker and Craftsman

Collection of blue collar worker 067 - assorted 239


Repairman in blue overalls can not repair the TV_ but he can suck dick BCW

NN - BCW - young blue collar workers fuck BB

Lucas Knowles and Ludovic Canot

Sexy stud Lucas has received an offer for his workshop, but should he sell? The arrival of raunchy repairman Ludovic is enough to give him pause for thought! With dark Gallic good looks and a smooth muscular physique under his overalls, Lucas can't help but stroke his enormous and thick length as it gets harder through his jeans much to Ludovic's pleasure, as the filthy Frenchman immediately notices and wraps his soft lips around Lucas' fat, stiff cock. Who could resist the workshop owner anyway? Watching Lucas' toned torso tense with each thrust into the other man's tight and willing asshole, I don't think anyone could say no!!


NN - BCW - mechanics in a garage BB

NN - BCW - horny french mechanics

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